July 11, 2015

The Process

Our design process starts at the end. We want to know the desired effect this piece will have in your home, store or restaurant. What function will it serve? From a rustic farm table your family will gather at, to a modern wall feature that evokes an emotional response as a customer walks by. We draw¬†inspiration from pictures, drawings and our customer’s personalities.

The next step is to determine value. We see our furniture as a blend of functional art. Our quotes are based on real material costs and the time it takes to go from tree to treasure. We are determined to do our best and make sure your piece has value well above the price.

When a design has been approved, we request a 50% deposit of the final price. At that time a best estimated time of completion is given, with respect to orders that are already in process. Our desire is to honor any requested deadlines. Please communicate any such deadlines with the team during the design process, so that we may determine if it is a reasonable request.